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This article covers the top 5 Siemens competitors in the world.

Siemens is a German multinational company having its headquarters in Munich in Germany. it was founded in 1847 by Werner von Siemens around 173 years ago in Berlin. It is one of the largest companies in Europe that serves on an industrial basis and is also a leading automation vendor worldwide.

It has been ranked at the 4th position for the been most valuable brand in non-automobile platforms in Germany. It leads to more than 190 countries having 373000 employees globally. Siemens mainly cope up with the workflows with electrification, digitalization, and automation.

They manufacture many different electrical and electronic products including IT, PCs, transportation, control systems, power transmissions and they work for health services machinery also. Around 79% of employees are much more satisfied with the company’s work-scale and find it a good place to work.

The top competitors for Siemens are mentioned below with a brief knowledge for each of them.

Top 5 Siemens Competitors in the world


The first in the list of Siemens competitors is Hitachi.

It has been one the best MNCs specializing in goods in electronics and engineering. A leading Japanese company on a non-automotive brand and also it worths $89 billion as its revenue. It was founded 113 years ago in 1908 by an electrical engineer Namihei Odarai. It has its headquarters at Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo in Japan.

It has an employee count of more than 300000 as of the year 2020. The working environment and work-life balance are great in Hitachi. It aims to provide polished customer solutions and business needs helping to alter business processes. It is a diverse and well-known brand that gives good competition to Siemens.


General Electric is second on the list of top Siemens competitors and is considered one of the largest firms in America. It is one of the most valuable companies globally. It is a US-based multinational company founded in 1892 around 129 years by Charles A. Coffin.

It has its headquarters in Boston. Massachusetts, in the US. It deals with products related to machinery, engines, weapons, motors, power generation, and also equipment related to medicinal purposes. It has more than 200000 employees in its brand.

GE has achieved the trust from their employees who are more than satisfied with the workflow and work balance of General Electric when compared to Siemens.

ABB Ltd.

ABB is another well-esteemed brand that is considered as one of the top Siemens competitors and is headquartered in Switzerland mainly in Zurich. Asea Brown Boveri was the founder of this company and also the name of the brand is on the abbreviation of the founder’s name.

It is mainly known for the effective use of electric power and productivity rise in the industrial platform. It pays well to its employees and it’s a good place to work in. it has been ranked as number one based on product quality score. It has a good pricing score, therefore, satisfying the customer, and also provides good customer service.


A French company dealing with the rail products and services for railway signaling and vehicles too. It provides sustainable platforms for the betterment of the transport department for its future. It was founded 93 years ago in 1928 and has its headquarters at Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine in France.

It has more than 70000 employees in its company and also has a good amount of fan following on social media. The chairman and CEO of Alstom is Henri Poupart-Lafarge. On analyzing the reviews it was found that siemens was given higher ratings but when considered as the alternative to it, Alstom was good and it is getting improvements and as a result, giving good competition to Siemens.

Philips B2B

Philips is a Dutch multinational company founded in 1891 around 130 years ago by Gerald and Anton Philips having its headquarters in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It has more than 80000 employees in its company with a good work-life and workflow balance.

This company has been ranked under the top 1000 brands globally and has an NPS score of 37. Product quality and pricing of the products are well satisfactory for the customers and also the services provided by the company are great. They have a good gender and diversity score. It has overall been a good alternative for Siemens.


This concludes the article on the top Siemen competitors in the world.

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