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Adobe is a creative software company based in San Jose, California.

Founded in 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke in the Warnock garage, the company has grown into one of the leading software developer in the world. The company offers a wide range of products such as Adobe Illustrator, PDF, Acrobat Reader, Flash, Photoshop, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

The company expanded its portfolio through the acquisition of Magento Commerce for $ 1.68 billion and Marketo, Allegorithmic and Workfront for $ 1.5 billion.

Revenue stats of Adobe:

  • Adobe revenue for the quarter ending February 28, 2022 was $4.262B, a 9.14% increase year-over-year.
  • Adobe revenue for the twelve months ending February 28, 2022 was $16.142B, a 17.98% increase year-over-year.
  • Adobe annual revenue for 2021 was $15.785B, a 22.67% increase from 2020.
  • Adobe annual revenue for 2020 was $12.868B, a 15.19% increase from 2019.
  • Adobe annual revenue for 2019 was $11.171B, a 23.71% increase from 2018.

Competitors of Adobe:

Being one of the leading software developers in the world, Adobe has its own fair share of competitors. Below is an in-depth analysis of Top competitors of Adobe.

1. Salesforce

 Year founded: 1999
 Headquarter: San Francisco, California

To start with the competitive analysis of Adobe, let’s talk about a tech giant which is at the top of competitors of Adobe.

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud based software companies that provide CRM in the SaaS market. The company provides a wide range of products to its clients for different needs and purposes. Example Salesforce offers its Salesforce Customer 360 to help businesses build and maintain customer relationships.

Over the years, Salesforce has grown through different acquisitions such as acquiring MuleSoft for $6.5 billion, paying $ 15.7 billion for Tableau, and $ 27.7 billion for Slack.

2. SAP

 Year founded: 1972
 Headquarter: Walldorf, Germany

The second in the list of top competitors of Adobe is SAP. SAP is a German ERP software firm with a $57.58 billion brand value.

In Jan 2021, SAP had announced full-year 2021 financial results, indicating a 2% increase in revenue to €27.842bn, with cloud revenue up 17% to €9.418bn, 34% of the total.

In 2009, Adobe launched the first Integrated digital marketing platform. SAP released S/4HANA six years later and began offering Hybris Marketing. SAP came after Adobe, but within a few years, it had surpassed it. SAP is ranked #5 in Cloud Wars’ Top 10 rankings, while Adobe is ranked #10.

SAP is ranked first among B2B platforms in a recent IDC Marketscape survey, ahead of Adobe, Salesforce, IBM, and Oracle. SAP is a top competitor and alternative to Adobe for a variety of reasons.

3. Oracle

Oracle is also touted as one of the most prominent Adobe Alternative

Oracle was founded in 1977 by Ed Oates, Bob Miner, and Larry Ellison as Software Development Laboratories. The corporation was originally established in Santa Clara, California, but eventually relocated to Redwood City. Before officially rebranding to Oracle in 1982, it was known as Relational Software Inc.

Oracle mainly deals in Database software and technology, business software products, and cloud built systems. Oracle was awarded the second-best software firm in the world in 2019.

Below are some revenue insights of oracle which makes it one of the most important competitors of Adobe

  • Oracle reported $10.513 billion in sales for the quarter ending February 28, 2022, up 4.24 percent year over year.
  • Oracle’s revenue for the year ended February 28, 2022 was $41.828 billion, up 5.38 percent year over year.
  • Oracle’s annual sales in 2021 was $40.479 billion dollars, up 3.61 percent from 2020.
  • Oracle’s annual revenue in 2020 was $39.068 billion, down 1.11 percent from 2019.

4. Google

Talking about tech giants, then how can we not mention Google.

Year founded: 1998
 Headquarter: Mountain View, California

The wide product range of Google is what makes it a main Adobe competitor.

Google Analytics is the top competitor for Adobe Analytics. Both the tools allow users to analyse website data in depth and improve visitor experience.

Adobe analytics costs around $500/month, on the other hand Google Analytics, is free to use.

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud-based alternative to Adobe Marketing Cloud. There are different areas where different products of Google and Adobe compete with each other and that’s why it makes Google one of the main competitors of adobe.

5. Microsoft

Year founded: 1975
 Headquarter: Redmond, Washington

The last in the list of Adobe alternative is Microsoft.

Microsoft is a multibillion-dollar technology firm that makes Electronics goods, computers, and software.

Windows OS, Microsoft 365 suite, and Azure are all part of the company’s diverse portfolio.

The company competes with Adobe is various segments such as Publishing, Enterprise cloud services, and other areas.

Adobe Marketing Cloud competes with Microsoft Azure. With a market share of roughly 17%, Azure is the world’s second.

This concludes the article on the top Alternatives of Adobe.

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