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SWOT Analysis of Cadbury

Cadbury is one of the world’s best-recognized confectionery brands. With a wide range of chocolate bars in its product range and a geographical presence spanning Europe, Australasia, and North America, the company is extremely well established. As a result, you might think Cadbury is here to stay for good but is it?

In this article, we’ll use SWOT analysis — which reviews the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats affecting a business — to dive into the inner workings of Cadbury. With that, we’ll be able to better predict the future of this popular sweet goods brand!

Below article covers the SWOT Analysis of Cadbury

Strengths of Cadbury

The most important quadrant of SWOT Analysis of Cadbury is Strengths of Cadbury.

  • Cadbury is the world’s leading chocolate manufacturer. Cadbury has a presence in 160 or more countries and is recognised to have the best production and distribution platform.
  • Cadbury offers various strong trademarks and goods in its product line, including dairy milk, Bournvita, Oreo, Five Star, and others. The products are of exceptional quality, and some of them are cash cows for Cadbury.
  • Cadbury products have a high level of brand loyalty, as well as a strong brand name, brand value, and brand loyalty. Cadbury has developed a positive brand image among customers as a result of its marketing and branding efforts. Cadbury products are expensive due to their exceptional quality. Cadbury has a number of well-known brand names around the world, and its chocolates are in high demand.
  • Cadbury’s has a good selection of chocolate boxes and packs that can be given as gifts. Cadbury Dark Milk, Cadbury Celebrations, and Cadbury Rich Dry Fruits are some of the chocolates that have been placed for gifting purposes over the years. The new Bournville, in particular, is totally focused on the role of gifting. Cadbury has successfully isolated itself from the rest of its competitors as a result of this astute strategy.
  • Cadbury offers one of the best promotions in the FMCG industry, with an enticing tagline of “kuch meetha ho jaye” and exciting events. Cadbury also has clout because of its strong brand recognition.
  • Cadbury is one of the few brands with a good relationship with Indian consumers. For Indians, home, friends, and love are all vital components of life. Cadbury has always focused on emotional communication to get out to the Indian consumer.
  • Cadbury, like all FMCG companies, has a fantastic distribution system in place and employs the approach of separating the bulk. It’s no small effort to be distributed to 200 countries in more than 40 different variants. Cadbury has been doing the same for a few years now. Cadbury is often regarded as having the best distribution network in India.
  • Cadbury has a good relationship with its dealers, not just in terms of supplying them, but also in terms of marketing the company’s products and providing training.
  • Cadbury’s creative teams have assisted the company in developing new products and expanding into new areas. It has previously been successful in most of the new market efforts it has undertaken.
  • Cadbury has a well-designed and interesting website that receives a lot of traffic and generates a lot of sales.
  • Cadbury has a large social media presence, with millions of followers across the three most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On those channels, it has a high level of consumer engagement and a short customer reaction time.
  • Cadbury sells a wide range of items in a variety of categories. It offers a variety of special product discounts that its competitors do not.

Weakness of Cadbury

As previously stated, a brand like Cadbury is meant to have a lot of strengths and few drawbacks, and this is true.The SWOT Analysis of Cadbury calls out the weaknesses of Cadbury.

  • Cadbury’s rural distribution is a restriction, given that India has a large number of rural areas that can be serviced.
  • Around the same time, depending on the nature of the product, a few incidents of cockroaches or other rodents being discovered in chocolate occurred here and there. It is unconscionable for a company like Cadbury to be so arrogant, because tainted chocolates should not be allowed to sabotage quality management. As a result, quality management must be improved.

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Opportunities for Cadbury

  • For Cadbury, rural market penetration and distribution can be a huge potential. It has a presence in other nations, but Cadbury requires a rural presence to boost the visibility and turnover of its brands.
  • Indian customers have a sweet tooth and enjoy eating little chocolates and chocolate bars from time to time. Furthermore, customers have preferences for various flavours. As a result, Cadbury will continue to introduce new tastes and flavours on a regular basis.

Threats for Cadbury

  • As fuel prices and shipping expenses have grown, distribution prices have risen as well. Simultaneously, sourcing and production expenses are high. Cadbury has faced a struggle in the past with rising costs and, as a result, product pricing, since it has created a vacuum for other businesses to fill.
  • Health awareness is increasing among the Indian population. Many people prefer to drink healthy drinks and eat fruit instead of chocolate. Every week, pieces in newspapers and blogs will advise against eating chocolate and promote the benefits of staying healthy. Many parents avoided giving their children chocolates around the same period, citing the negative consequences.
  • Cadbury has spent years serving as a present during festivals and holidays, diminishing the significance of festivities. What happens if the importance of these festivals declines? Chocolate sales are dwindling as well.
  • Individual demand is growing, as is their purchasing power. If you give a child a cookie these days, they are much than likely to want a toy car, a bicycle, or a young adult device. As a result, the value of gifts has increased in tandem with the rise in purchasing power, and a chocolate will no longer suffice. Cadbury is also at risk because of this.
  • Changes in government regulations and policies can have a significant impact on the business.
  • The corporation faces significant competition from competitors’ price and similar competitive products.

This concludes the SWOT Analysis of Cadbury.

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