What is the Marketing Strategy of Cadbury? Cadbury’s marketing strategy.

Before we jump into the Marketing Strategy of Cadbury, let’s get a gist of company’s history.

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Company’s history

Cadbury comes up as a popular brand in India and people love enjoying the delicious products from Cadbury. Their amazing marketing strategy has helped them to achieve an estimable position in the competitive market. 

John Cadbury first established this brand in 1824 in Birmingham, England. Later Kraft Foods acquired Cadbury in 2010 and presently Mondelez International handles the operations of the company. Cadbury India today operates in five categories chocolate confectionery, liquid and eyefuls. 

What is the Marketing Strategy of Cadbury?

When John Cadbury established the brand, he came up with the concept that Cadbury can make the world better. The brand features a logo of a full glass and a half glass of milk. It signifies the richness of chocolates and one can enjoy the amazing taste of milk and chocolate. This logo features a generosity and Cadbury executes global campaigns to spread this generosity. 

In 2018, they started a campaign in India, which featured an elder brother sacrificing his chocolate for his younger brother. Later Cadbury came up with other meaningful campaigns and they showed tremendous generosity when the country was highly affected by COVID-19. Let’s dig deep into the marketing strategy of Cadbury.

Use of Facebook and Instagram

They make use of Facebook and Instagram, as these are the biggest platforms coming up with a huge audience. They have a huge number of Facebook and Instagram followers and it’s one of the effective ways that helped them to achieve success. They create exclusive Facebook and Instagram posts that help them to reach the target audience. 

Use of YouTube

Cadbury India also makes use of YouTube and it’s the most popular advertising platform. There are more than 684K subscribers for Dairy Milk, 428K subscribers for Dairy Milk Silk and 75K subscribers for Perk. They achieve the top position on YouTube and it’s one of the effective marketing strategies of Cadbury India. 

Customer Analysis

Customer analysis is an important part of marketing and it helps a brand to convince people of all age groups. Cadbury has customers from all age groups and everyone enjoys the chocolates, biscuits and beverages from Cadbury. 

Also, people from middle-income group love enjoying chocolates and other foodstuffs from Cadbury. They always value their customers and try to come up with nice stuffs that their customers would enjoy in real-time. 

Cadbury addresses the needs of every customer from kids to elderly people and accordingly, comes up with customized products. They design products especially for different occasions like Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. They first understand the emotions attached to every occasion and come up with nice advertising campaigns. 

The brand tries to establish a link between chocolates and these occasions and the ads come up with heart-touching messages. 

Amazing Taste

The taste and quality of foods always play an important role in enhancing the brand’s popularity. The chocolates and other snacks help you to explore an amazing taste and you can feel the heavenly pleasure. It’s one of the key reasons for Cadbury’s success and through the ads, they help the audience to feel the soothing touch of chocolates from Cadbury. 

Doing a Market Analysis

Before they start an ad campaign, they carry out a detailed market analysis and it helps in creating a perfect ad. The ads target the local market and the ads portray the local traditions and culture. It’s a good way to create an emotional bonding with the local audience and they would love to share chocolates from Cadbury. 

Promoting Women Empowerment

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk recreated the stadium ad in 2021 and the mission was to honour women athletes. The purpose of this ad was to support females who are achieving success and coming up with great personalities. The ad aims the youngsters and it conveyed a nice message to the new age bracket who would build the country’s future. 

Product-Centric Campaigns

One of the most important marketing strategy of Cadbury is that it does product-centric campaigns such as Cadbury Bournvita today comes up as one of the essential products for growing kids. For this product, they target parents of kids between 2-8 years of age and they come up with motivational ads for kids. The ad, which showed how a mother motivates her kid with Bournvita gained good popularity and parents preferred to have Bournvita for their kids. 


Taken as a whole, Cadbury has succeeded in promoting the brand to a bigger audience. People prefer to have chocolates for any occasion whether it’s a festival, birthday or anniversary. Chocolates from Cadbury are one of the versatile gifts and everyone from kids to adults enjoy having the delicious chocolates. 

This concludes the Marketing Strategy of Cadbury.

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