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HP Competitors

            Hewlett Packard is a reputed and global business enterprise that came into existence in 1960, and which has established a reputation for itself in the provision of high quality, software and hardware products and technological solutions.

It is most famous for its printers and scanners. The headquarters of HP are situated in Palo Alto in the American state of California. The clientele of the company is comprised of individual customers, large scale corporations and small or medium sized business organizations.

There is much competition as well as rivalry that a company such as Hewlett Packard is faced with, in the corporate world. If you wish to know more about the top HP competitors today, read on.

Who are top HP Competitors


            Lenovo is one of the HP competitors that is worth talking about, given the predominance that the company has managed to create for itself in the global market for technology-based products, services, and solutions.

Lenovo is an enterprise that runs its operations across various nations, with the headquarters of the company being located, in Beijing, in China, though it was first incorporated in Hong Kong.

Today the company runs an operational center in the city of Singapore, while also running business operations in Morrisville in the American state of North Carolina.

Some of the products that Lenovo is famous for, are, tablets, personal computers, smartphones, supercomputers, servers, workstations, smart televisions, IT management software, and a wide range of electronic storage devices.

The USP of the company and what makes it a competitor for HP lies in the high paced and sophisticated technological basis of its services and its products. It was in the year of 1984 that the company was officially founded, and the annual revenue of the company as of 2020, amounted to $ 50.71 billion.


            IBM is an international business organization that is also famous for its technology services and products. It is regarded to be one of the strongest HP competitors in the world, today.

The technological services offered by the company are coveted in more than 170 countries of the world. IBM is located, in Amonk in the American state of New York, and it was 1911 that the company was established. It was a tabulating and computing company to begin with.

Today, IBM is famous for the production and sale of various types of computer hardware and software. Consulting services and hosting services are provided by the company as well, in areas, such as nanotechnology and maritime computers.

IBM is a business that is possessed with a significant amount of drive, and it has constantly focused its energies on taking its products and services to markets that are of high value, and which are capable of, generating plenty of profit. The annual revenue of this business enterprise, as of the year of 2020, stood at $ 37.6 billion.

The USP of the company lies in the innovative nature of its technological products and the efficiency with which various types of business operations can be conducted today, with the help of software and hardware components or products, as manufactured by IBM. Hence for this reason alone, it is one of the top-ranking HP competitors today.


            Epson is an electronics company, that is considered, to be a prominent competitor for HP. This is one of the HP competitors, that, like Lenovo, has its base in Asia. The headquarters of the company is located, in Japan, in Tokyo. Printing services across the globe have been revolutionized by Epson’s products.

This is a company that shot to fame by virtue of the well designed and innovative laser jet and inkjet printers that it produced, as well as its scanners and desktop computers, and even home theater stations for that matter, making it one of the leading HP competitors in the world.

Printers for POS dockets and cash registers have also been manufactured by the company, among many other types of electronic devices. Epson officially came into being in May 1942, and the annual revenue of the company, as of 2020, amounted to $ 9.61 million.


            Dell is a global business organization that is famous for its production of computers. All types of support and repair services related to computers are provided as well by Dell.

This is a company that was established formally in 1984, and it is headquartered in Texas, in the USA. It is considered, to be one of the top HP competitors today.

The USP of Dell lies in the innovative and wide range of its personal computers, peripherals and servers, televisions, and smartphones and which is why it is one of HP’s rivals today. The company’s annual revenue in 2021, amounted to $ 94 billion.

Canon Inc

            Canon Inc is an Asia based business enterprise, that runs branches the world over and which has come to fame because of its innovative and high-quality technological products.

Digital cameras, camcorders, flash units and printers, and even, digital copiers for that matter are some of the many products that are manufactured and sold by Canon Inc for a global target audience, making it a strong competitor for HP.

It was in 1937 that the company was officially founded in Tokyo, Japan, and the annual revenue of the company as of late 2020 was approximately, $ 7 million.

             Thus, there are numerous HP competitors that you ought to be aware of, to understand the type of competitive rivalry that this enterprise faces in the world today.

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