Who are the top Just Eat Alternatives | Competitors of Just Eat

Just Eat is a fabulous online food delivery service that you can avail if you are eager to indulge in some restaurant food in the comfort of your home, or if you want to grab a bite of delicious food while busy at work in the office.

Just Eat is however, not the only food delivery service that you can use, to order delectable food at the best prices, and there are many other alternatives that you can explore, for the same. To know more about Just Eat alternatives, read on.


Uber Eats

            If you are wondering about possible Just Eat alternatives that you can try out when craving for some outside food, then Uber Eats is a food delivery service that you may consider using. This is an online food delivery company that was founded officially in the year of 2014, by Uber Technologies.

It is headquartered in the American city of San Francisco, in California and makes it possible for customers to order for food from various restaurants that are situated in their vicinity.

The company runs branch operations in more than 60,000 cities across 45 countries. As of 2019, the total net worth of the company amount, to $ 2.51 billion. While the company has been criticized in the recent past for paying its customers low wages and charging fast food restaurant a high commission during the Covid 19 pandemic period, by and large, the services offered by Uber Eats are convenient, cost-effective, and entirely worth availing.

There is an app that you as a customer will be expected to download and install in your phone, android or IOS, to use Uber Eats.

This app provides you with details of restaurants that are located, in proximity to you, and from where you can order the most sumptuous and affordably priced restaurant cooked food. You can view the menu of every restaurant whose food is advertised through this app, while the rating of each restaurant shown in the Uber Eats app is displayed for your benefit as well.


            Established in 2008, Zomato is a food delivery company of Indian origin, that currently offers efficient online food delivery facilities for customers the world over and which ranks as a useful alternative to Just Eats. The revenue of Zomato is estimated at $ 350, million as of the year of 2020. You can consider using this food delivery service if you are in the mood to procure fast food or restaurant food at the best possible prices, while waiting for an hour at the most, to have the food ordered, delivered to your doorstep.

The company has managed to run into controversy in the recent past, examples being the logout campaign and the Food has No Religion Initiative. The logout campaign was seen to take place when more than 1200 restaurants were seen to log off the app because of the extensive discounts that were being offered by the company for customers procuring their food at dine in locations.

The food has no religion campaign was initiated when specific customers were seen to refuse food delivered by Zomato executives who are Muslim by faith.

 In spite, of such controversial campaigns and initiatives, the quality of the services offered by the company remains top notch and it is certainly a service that you can use if you are looking for Just Eat alternatives near you.


            Founded in 2013, DoorDash is also one of the best known Just Eats alternatives that you can explore, if you wish to order well priced, and delicious fast food and restaurant food, online. DoorDash has its base in San Francisco and is considered, to be one of the largest food delivery companies in the USA, occupying more than 56% of the market share here. The total revenue of the enterprise was estimated at 886 billion USD as of 2020.

Apart from the USA, the company runs operations in Australia and in Canada. While this an enterprise that has indeed been embroiled in various controversies, such as an anti-trust litigation controversy, and it has also been known for withholding tips from delivery service executives, the efficiency and the quality of its food delivery service makes it an ideal option for you to explore if you are looking for suitable Just Eat alternatives near you.


            GrubHub is a renowned mobile food delivery service which you can avail if you are on the lookout for Just Eat alternatives in your vicinity. This is an American company that connects local restaurants and eateries with diners, quite easily and quickly. It is based in the American city of Chicago, and officially came into existence in the year of 2004. The total revenue of the company as of the year of 2019, stood at $ 1.31 billion.

The company has managed to get itself into controversy such as labor lawsuits and cyber squatting among other issues, but which have not kept the company from offering the best food delivery services for its customers, and you can certainly use GrubHub to order for delicious and modestly priced fast food and restaurant food, when you have this app installed in your phone.

            Thus, there are some marvelous Just Eats alternatives that you can consider exploring if you are tired of using this app only, for online food delivery and are looking to try out something new and more exciting, but which is equally convenient, instead.