Who are the Top 5 competitors of Zapier in 2021 | Zapier alternatives

This article will cover the top 5 competitors of Zapier in 2021.

“Zapier” the benchmark for API integration for medium and small-sized businesses. This American-based global remote company is gaining immense popularity as an effective tool that helps the user to integrate web applications.

To be more appropriate, Zapier allows the user to automate workflow, increase productivity and connect apps. Wade Foster, Mike Knoop, and Bryan Helming launched Zapier in Columbia as a part of the first startup weekend in 2011.

Zapier is profuse with full integration options, and users find the platform easy to use. Moreover, this practical tool focuses on APIs, which allow the user to transfer data smoothly from one system to another. All together,

Zapier has become one of my most favorite tools to automate the work. Despite being so popular, there is a doubt that stands behind the crowd, making us think – Is Zapier always the best and effective tool for everyone in every case??  The answer is NO because there is no such product that can support everybody. Hence, you may find various alternatives of Zapier in the market.

This article will explore the top 5 competitors of Zapier that can offer you impressive features.



The first in the list of top 5 competitors of Zapier is Integromat.

Integromat can be said as twins from different developers. In terms of Usability and UI, Zapier and Integromat are considered to be the closers. The stimulation of Integromat is pretty flexible, and all the features are easy to identify and work with.

Moreover, the USP of Integromat offers a complete visual profile of the user’s project. This entire visual profile helps to create a mind map that provides the user an overview of all the automated tasks being operated.

Integromat is a multi-level automation tool, which means with this tool, you can create multiple scenarios with various numbers of operations. Apart from the features, another reason behind the increasing demand for Integromat is their Pricing strategy.

There is an option of free account user options for their customer, which provides limited features to use as a trial, and decide whether you should buy the tool or not.

Power Automate

The second in list of top competitors of Zapier is Power Automate.

Power Automate is best for personal use. In comparison to Zapier,  Power Automate is a well-designed app for beginners to get started with. It may not have power like Zapier, and it is a brilliant tool for the initial stage. Power Automate offers multiple options of pre-developed flow templates that will make your work simple.

Moreover, if you are using any Microsoft services, then with single authentication, you can easily connect all your apps.   While adding the individual app in power automation, you will have to permit every app individually, which can be time-consuming. 

Zapier offers you login options from various accounts, but in power automation, you can only log in with the help of a Microsoft account. This log-in feature can be considered as a drawback. But, the best attribute of the tool that makes it perfect for personal use is, you get the tool for free of cost. 

Automate .io

One of the powerful and robust competitors of Zapier is Automate.io. Just like Zapier, Automate .io also focuses on APIs. The APIs of Automate.io are simple to understand, and the user can start working with the tool without wasting any time.

Users can use the tool to develop customized workflow and profuse multiple web apps to merge the app with the flowchart according to the purpose. It also provides different services to its users, including payment automation, campaigning, social media options, and many more.

The price strategy of Automate.io is quite reasonable for start-ups and businesses. There are different price structures for different purposes.


The 4th in the list of competitors of Zapier is n8n.io

If you look for an accessible alternative with impressive features, then n8n.io is what you are looking for. It is a great free replacement for Zapier.   It is a free workflow computerization tool that serves pretty impressive traits to its users.

N8n provides a visual editor so that users can create a workflow. This graphic editor is referred to as a node. There is a trigger option in n8n that allows you to work in various conditions.


This is another tool from the collection of free alternatives of Zapier. Just like the name Workato is an impressive platform that offers a considerable amount of services for businesses, teams, and professionals.

The company follows a free price strategy so that anybody can use the Workato to automate and organize their tasks.

Workato is a user-friendly platform that presents an intuitive interface to create automation and integration easily.

This concludes the article on the top competitors of Zapier.

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