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Canon Inc Competitors

            Canon is a famous Japanese company that is multinational in its focus and outreach, and which is headquartered in Tokyo. Canon Inc, as it is commonly known, was formally founded in 1937 in Tokyo, Japan. Optical imaging, printing, and scanning are some of the important products that are offered by Canon Inc.

Over the years, the company has come to engage in the manufacture of a wide range of industrial products too, such as, medical equipment, cameras, lenses, and semiconductor equipment that is used for the purpose of manufacturing.
If you wish to know about Canon competitors across the world, then read on.

Top Canon Competitors

Olympus Corporation

            Olympus Corporation is a Japan-based technology company that ranks as one of the key Canon competitors in the Asian region today. It is based in Shinjuku City, and it was formally founded, in the year of 1919.

The company’s USP lies in its production of videoscopes and microscopes of industrial quality and variety, while various types of digital and optical microscopic instruments, X-ray analyzers and non-destructive testing technology are famously associated with this enterprise as well.

 The advanced quality and the unique components of the industrial and technological products manufactured by Olympus Corporation have made it one of Cannon’s leading competitors.

The annual revenue of the company as of the year of 2020 amounted to 797.4 billion in Japanese yen. Being a Japanese company, like Canon Inc, it has been giving Canon Inc a significant degree of competition in this part of the world.

Leica Camera

            Leica Camera is also one of the Canon competitors that is worth knowing about. It is a German manufacturing company that is responsible for the production of optical lenses and cameras, photographic lenses, microscopes, rifle scopes as well as binocular cameras.

It was in as early as 1869 that this enterprise formally came into existence. Leica Camera is a business organization that is based in Wetzlar, Germany. The build quality as well as the feel that is associated with the Leica cameras is what makes this company a strong competitor for Canon Inc, in the world today.

The Leica cameras are sturdy and durable and are ideal for taking professional photographs and videos.

These are cameras that are sharper, faster, and smaller than what conventional cameras are known to be. The approximate revenue earned by the company, as of the year of 2021, is estimated at $ 100 million.

Sony Group Corporation

            When talking about the top Canon Inc corporations in the world, mention also needs to be made of the Sony Group Corporation. This is also a Japanese enterprise that is headquartered in the city of Tokyo.

Sony Group is considered, to be one of the largest companies in the world when it comes to the manufacture of professional electronic products and consumer products.

It is one of the largest companies to deal in the production of video gaming consoles. It is also one of the largest publishers of video games in the world.

The Sony Group Corporation was officially established in 1946, in the month of May. The annual revenue of the company, in Japanese yen, amounted to 8.999 trillion yen as of the year of 2021.

The USP of products made by Sony Group Corporation and which it makes it one of the leading Canon competitors, is the sharpness and technological finesse of its video games, and electronic goods, all of which are characterized by high degrees of durability.

ASML Holding

            ASML Holding is also one of the best-known Canon competitors in the world today. Founded in 1984, it is a company that is headquartered in Veldhoven in the Netherlands.

The USP of ASML Holding is located, in its production of photolithography systems. Machines are also made by the company for manufacturing integrated circuits, while its photolithography systems are meant primarily for use in the semi-conductor industry.

Its lithography machines and optical imaging devices are as good as the ones that are manufactured by Canon Inc, while this is an enterprise that also gives competition to companies such as Nikon and Ultratech. The revenue of the company amounted to 13.98 billion Euros, as of the year of 2020.

Go-Pro Inc

            Go-Pro Inc is one of the most highly rated of technology companies in the world today. It is a significant competitor for a company such as Canon Inc. The company was created in the year of 2002, and it is based in San Mateo in the American state of California.

The USP of this business lies in its production of action cameras, while it is also responsible for the production, of a wide range of its mobile applications, and software products that can be used for the purpose of video editing. As of 2020, the annual revenue of Go-Pro amounted to $ 892 million.

            Thus, there are numerous Canon Inc competitors that you must be aware of, if you wish to understand the nature and type of business rivalry that this organization faces, in the world, today.

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