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McKinsey Competitors

            McKinsey is one of the largest management consulting companies in the world, and it caters to governmental and commercial organizations as well as non-profit enterprises.

Some of the key products and services offered by the company include services in the area, of business intelligence, market research, business consultation, and financial management services.

McKinsey was officially founded in 1926 and is headquartered in New York in the USA, with branch offices set up all, across the global North as well as the global South.

In spite, of its global success and predominance, McKinsey is a business enterprise that faces a fair degree of competition. If you want to know more about McKinsey competitors, read on.

Top 5 McKinsey Competitors


            Accenture is a top-ranking multinational enterprise that is one of McKinsey’s competitors. It is a company that is known to provide an extensive range of processing services as well as business consultation of a significantly high quality.

The company revenue as recently as 2020, amounted to $ 44.33 billion. While the company headquarters are based in the Irish capital city of Dublin there are branch operations being run by the company in the Asian, African, and European countries as well as, in the USA.

The technological services and business solutions provided by the company are top-notch and are in high demand, among corporations of repute, some well-known examples in this respect being, the renowned Royal Shakespeare Company, the famous Marriott Group as well as Unilever, among others.

Strategy services and business consulting are the most popular services provided by the company, while services are also rendered in interactive communications, and in the use of business technology.

Boston Consulting Group

            The Boston Consulting Group is a management consulting group that is based in Boston, USA and which is characterized by a global outreach. This too, is a company that is ranked as one of McKinsey’s competitors and is known to be one of the largest consulting firms in the USA in terms of its revenue growth.

The annual revenue of the company amounted to $ 8.6 billion as of 2020. There are specialized and planned services offered by the Boston Consulting Group for its clientele around the world, using which it is possible for business organizations to boost their expansion and growth.

The key USP of the company lies in its development of the BCG Matrix, which is a growth-share matrix that large-scale corporations can make use of, in order, to understand, how cash can be allocated among the different units of a business.

Endava PLC

            Endava PLC is a business enterprise, that is considered, to be one of the strongest of McKinsey’s competitors, and is well-known for its software development and business consulting services.

The company was established in the year of 2000, in the city of London in the United Kingdom, and has offices located in Western Europe and North America, as well as in Latin America and in Eastern Europe.

The enterprise is made up of two different businesses, the first being, Concise, which is a company that was established in London in the year of 2000, and Compudava, a company that was established in the city of Chisinau, in Moldova, in the same year.

Endava PLC has come to fame by virtue of its agile services, offered in the area, of software development, and digital transformation consulting as well as different types of automation solutions. As of September 2020, the revenue of the company was estimated at a value of as much as 351.0 million pounds.

Bain and Company

            Bain and Company ranks among the top competitors of McKinsey as well, and it is situated in Boston in Massachusetts. It was in 1973 that Bain and Company came into existence as an official business enterprise.

There is an extensive range of business and management consulting services provided by Bain and Company. Advice is provided on matters such as mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, market analysis, operations, finance, as well as corporate strategy.

The annual revenue of the company as of early 2020, amounted to approximately $ 4.3 billion. The USP of the company lies in the varied nature of its strategic planning, business consultation and financial management services, including the market research and analysis that is undertaken by the firm for clients of repute.

Ernst and Young

            Ernst and Young is one of the biggest corporations in the world, providing professional services across multi-national platforms. It was formally established in 1989.

Assurance services, services in the area, of tax advice and consultation, management consulting, strategy consulting, digital strategy, legal as well as financial advisory services, are examples of the many services provided by the company, that have earned it an excellent reputation in the global marketplace today.

The annual revenue of the company amounted to $ 37.2 billion as of the year of 2020.

            Thus, there are many McKinsey competitors that you ought to be acquainted with, if you wish to understand the degree or level of competition faced by this enterprise, in the international business domain.

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