Top 5 Linkedin Competitors you should know about!

This article talks about the top 5 Linkedin Competitors.

About the company:

Founded in 2002, Linkedin is an American business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps.

The Linkedin portal is mainly used for professional networking, where employers post job openings on the portal and job seekers post their CVs for the job openings listed on the website.

In 2016, Microsoft acquired Linkedin for $26.2 Billion, one of the largest acquisition made by Microsoft to date.

Linkedin predominantly generates its revenue by selling access to information about its members to recruiters and sales professionals.

As of June 2019, LinkedIn had 630 million registered members in 150 countries.

There are a number of Linkedin competitors present in the market that are trying hard to get the biggest share of the market.

Let’s check out who are the top Linkedin alternatives.



The first in the list of Linkedin Competitors is AngelList.

AngelList is one of the most popular Linkedin Alternative and is quite famous among aspirants who want to work for some of the leading startups in the world.

The company has 1,30,000+ tech and startup jobs listed on its portal.

AngelList is not just a platform to post and search jobs but is also world’s largest startup community that allows venture capitalists to invest in upcoming startups.


MyOpportunity is a proprietary platform that uses its advanced lead matching algorithms and helps users who are searching for jobs, dates, business leads, employees, affinity groups and other contacts in the chaos of the Internet.

Once the user uploads his email contacts on Opportunity, the company will notify the user as and when his contacts are looking for someone with your skillset and offerings.


“Sumry” as the word suggests helps you create a summary (work portfolio and resumes online) of your education, expertise, certifications and work experience in a very unique and novel way, which then can be used by you to build better connections.

As soon as you find a job of your interest, it provides an opportunity to be introduced to the company even before you officially send them an application.

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The fourth in the list of Linkedin competitors is Hired.

Hired is one such job platform that is different from other recruitment platforms in the way how job applicants apply for a job and how company searches for candidates.

Applicants on Hired platform don’t apply to companies — companies apply to hire them. Users are allowed to create a profile outlining their skills and experience, and companies make an offer if they like what they see. The candidate can then compare offers side by side and take their pick.

It’s beneficial for both the applicants as well as the companies searching for candidates. Companies gain access to a curated pool of candidates as well as the bids that other companies have made for them. And candidates benefit from having companies competing to hire them.

5. NAUKRI.COM is India’s leading job search portal that was founded in 1997 by Sanjeev Bhikchandani.

With a database of 55 million + job seekers, generates most of its revenue by selling subscriptions of its resume database as well as through banner advertising on its website.

90 percent of the revenue earned is from the recruiters (B-2-B). 10 percent of the income sources are from jobseeker services.

This concludes the article on Top 5 Linkedin Competitors.


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