What are ODOO Alternatives | Tools that work like ODOO


Odoo is regarded as the abbreviation for On-Demand Open Object which is been used to build custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The current CEO of Odoo Fabier Pinckaers founded the company in 2005.

It has its headquarters at Ramillies in Belgium. Odoo is a great platform for people who relate with businesses also provides employment. The various features of Odoo are:

  • It is open-source and user-friendly.
  • Paid and free versions are available.
  • Integration with third-party services can be easily done via Odoo.
  • Its implementation cost and time frame both are low.
  • The latest updates are given frequently for better services.
  • It is highly modular and flexible.
  • Managing online operations and creating sites has become easy with the help of Odoo.
  • It is aiming for efficient communication to deliver information to each other.



The first in the list of ODOO alternatives is Netsuite

It’s been the world’s number one ERP solution, providing cloud-based applications. Any web platform could be used to access any tool. NetSuite was founded by Evan M. Goldberg in 1998.

It had its headquarters in Redwood Shores in California. It provides a comprised integrated solution for the mid-enterprised sized business. It provides four different kinds of NetSuite that are equally important in their fields providing it in 160 different countries.

Now, it has been gained more than 4.9 million users. It provides free software to users so that they can learn and enhance their work. NetSuite has moreover got a better rating than Odoo.


The 2nd best Odoo alternatives is Fishbowl

Another good alternative for Odoo has been a better solution for all kinds of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other workers providing them various benefits. Matt Sunbulli the co-founder is also the CEO of Fishbowl.

It is a super intuitive cloud web-based SaaS software that gives a free trial. Though under-rated than Odoo still provides many good features. It is easy to use and value for money software also customer support is well provided. The only drawback is its plans are high in cost.


Bitrix24 is one the best application for collaborating the software whether problems related to management or communication providing a better platform for it. It is a private organization having its headquarters at Alexandria in the US founded in 2012.

The CEO and co-founder of this company are Sergey Rizhikov. Management of task and time tracking are the best qualities of this software including all kinds of app integration, file sharing features, and workflow automation. It is easy to use providing good customer support services.

It provides both free and paid subscriptions for the usage of its software providing six various plans. The only drawback is it is not very effective as the Odoo.


Composity, proving best similar facilities regarding ERP and other features as Odoo, and is used for integration purposes providing all business applications as open source. It only provides SaaS platforms and is a cloud-based ERP solution.

It provides 24/7 customer support also it is flexible, scalable, and easy to use. It has its CEO as Martin Panayotov and was founded by him in 2003 having its headquarters at Oceanside, CA in the United States.

It provides good features but has few costly plans. This application is fully safe and secure to use.


It is a web cloud-based CRM software comprised of multiple features which are not only easy to use but also a value for money software. It provides 24/7 customer support which is one of the best services of Tracker.

Editing and integration of reports have become easy. It has its headquarters in San Francisco in California and was founded by Williams Nwokoma. 

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is been the best collaborating software using such business tools and projects that helps in completing all kinds of tasks and tracking all the activities related to business. It is suitable for small businesses also it provides a free trial.

Also, it provides the latest upgrades and updates from time to time for better services. It is easy to use and robust with a bundle of features included in it. The founder of Microsoft Project was Alan M. Boyd founded in 1984 and has its headquarters at Redmond, Washington in the United States. The only drawback of Microsoft Project is that it is desktop-installed and also the allocation of resources is difficult.


Rather been a versatile application Odoo was not able to fulfill customer’s needs, therefore arising many complaints regarding Odoo it bent the users to go forward with the Odoo alternatives.

This article has provided the best six Odoo alternatives to it with the aim that the customers will get help from it.

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