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Aldi Competitors

            Aldi is a German owned retail chain, that is well known for offering products at heavily discounted prices for the benefit of customers. At present, the Aldi chain owns ten thousand or more supermarkets, functional in more than 20 different countries of the world. It was in 1946, in the month of July, that Aldi officially came into existence.

The discounted pricing strategy followed by Aldi for the sale of its retail goods is widely appreciated by its target audience and has contributed to the expansion and acceptance of this retail chain in several parts of the world. If you want to know more about Aldi competitors in the world today, read on.

Who are the top Aldi competitors


            Walmart is an American retail company that is regarded to be one of the top Aldi competitors in the world today. The company was officially established as a discount supermarket chain in the years between 1962 and 1969, in the USA.

The purpose behind the creation of Walmart was to provide the average American household with access to essential items such as electronics, home furnishing, groceries, furniture, jewelry, health, and beauty care products and even pet supplies at the most affordable prices.

Walmart has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas and runs branch operations in several countries of the world, both in the Global North as well as in the countries of the Global South. As of 2021, the annual revenue of the company amounted to 559.2 billion USD, making it one of the largest revenue-earning retail corporations in the world.

The extensive product range offered by Walmart, at heavily rebated prices, makes it one of the best Aldi competitors in the global retail market.

Target Corporation

            When engaging in any discussion on Aldi competitors in the globe today, mention needs to be made of Target Corporation as well. The Target Corporation is also one of the largest retail corporations in the USA, and is well-known for its healthcare, beauty, bedding, and electronics goods.

Pet supplies, shoes, garments and accessories, furniture and food are also products that can be procured from any of the stores operating under this retail chain. As in the case with Aldi, and Walmart, customers who pay a visit to the Target Corporation stores will find themselves in a position to avail heavy rebates and discounts on the goods offered, which is one of the main USP’s of the enterprise.

The company was officially founded in the year of 1992 and is headquartered in Minneapolis in Minnesota. The annual revenue of the company as of the year of 2021 was $ 93, 561.

Sailing Group – A/S

            The Sailing Group – A/S is a Denmark based retail chain that is regarded to be one of the most well-known of Aldi competitors, in Denmark and in Europe. There are numerous chains of stores that operate under the purview of this company, such as, Sailing, Bilka, Fotex and Netto.

While most of the chains are operational in the country of Denmark itself, it is Netto which has expanded from Denmark to other parts of Europe such as Sweden, Poland, and Germany. While the company made, an attempt, to initiate operations in the United Kingdom as well, it was not successful in its endeavor. The company was officially established in the year of 1965 and is headquartered in Brabrand in Denmark.

The annual revenue of the company as of the year of 2021, amounted to 60 billion DKK, making it the largest revenue-earning retail chain in the country of Denmark. Like Aldi, the Sailing Group stores are known to offer retail products at discounted prices, placing such items within the reach of middle-income householders in Denmark, and other parts of Europe where the sailing group is operational.

Penny Market

            Penny Market ranks as one of the leading Aldi competitors in the world, because it is also a retail chain that is based in the country of Germany, like Aldi, and which offers retail goods for discounted prices in much the same way as Aldi does.

The company formally came into existence in the year of 1973, and is headquartered in Cologne, in Germany. As of the year of 2021, the annual revenue earned by Penny Supermarket in Germany, amounted to $ 12.4 billion.

Dollar Tree

            A company that is regarded to be one of the stiffest of Aldi competitors in the globe today is that of Dollar Tree. The company is based in the USA and officially came into existence in the year of 1983. Dollar Tree is headquartered in Griffin in Georgia.

The company is famous for offering retail and household goods at rebated prices for its target audience, with the areas of operation of this company being limited to the USA and Canada only. The annual revenue of the company, in 2021, stood at $ 25.51 billion.

            Thus, there are numerous Aldi competitors that you ought to be aware of, if you want to grasp an understanding of the competition level or rivalry faced by Aldi, in Europe and across the globe, today.

This concludes the article on the top 5 competitors of Aldi in the world.

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