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Sony Competitors

            Sony is a multinational enterprise that specializes in the production of technological gadgets. Sony’s products are highly innovative in their nature and appeal and have simplified human activities by a considerable degree.

Radios and television sets, music systems, wireless systems, digital voice recorders and video games are some of the many products manufactured by Sony.

Founded in 1946, in Tokyo, Japan, the company is today faced with plenty of competition and rivalry in the global electronics industry. If you wish to find out more about the key Sony competitors in the world today, and their significance, read on.

Top Sony Competitors in the world


            Samsung is one of the best-known Sony competitors in the world today. It is a multinational company that is situated in the capital city of Seoul, in South Korea.

It is comprised of several affiliate businesses, all, of which function under one exclusive brand, that is known as Samsung. It was in 1938 that the company officially came into existence in Seoul.

Samsung has been associated, over the years with the manufacture of consumer electronics, automotive products, consumer electronics as well as medical equipment.

Telecommunications equipment, semiconductors, home appliances, and solid-state drives are some of the many products that are manufactured by Samsung, and which have made it one of the key competitors in the globe for a business, such as Sony. The innovative appeal of Samsung’s products is high, to say the least. The annual revenue of the company amounted to 212.3 billion USD in the year of 2020.

LG Electronics

            Another one of the Sony competitors that is worth talking about is that of LG Electronics. This is a company that is also based in South Korea, in the capital city of Seoul.

There are essentially four units that LG Electronics as a business is made up of, namely, Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment, Vehicle Components, and Home Appliances and Air Solutions. LG Electronics is known for many products that are characterized by ease of use and high levels of durability, not to mention being hugely innovative in terms of their shapes and designs.

The focus on the manufacture of quality electronic goods that are meant primarily for consumers, is what has led LG Electronics to be counted as one of the leading Sony competitors in the world today. As of the year of 2020, the annual revenue or net revenue of LG Electronics was estimated to be 11.76 billion USD.


            When discussing Sony competitors across the globe, it is important to talk about the Panasonic Corporation as well. This is a company which, like Sony, is also situated in Japan, in the city of Osaka.

It was in 1928 that the company formally came into existence and was at the time known for its manufacture of specialty light bulbs.

Today. The company is known for its manufacture of an extensive range of products, such as avionic and automotive systems, rechargeable batteries, construction systems, systems that are used for the purpose of home renovation, and industrial systems.

Panasonic has come to be widely accepted as a company that, like Sony, offers electronic products which are innovative and unique in terms of their design and appeal, which are easy to use, and which are also known to last for a long period of time in customer homes.

The annual revenue of the company, as of the year of, 2020, amounted to 7.49 trillion Japanese yen. While the company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, there is a manufacturing division that is run by the company in North America. Branch offices of the enterprise are found to be present in several cities of the Global South, and the North.


            Huawei is an electronics company that is also quite famous, for its high-quality products, of innovative value. The consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment manufactured by the company are considered, to be at par with those that are manufactured by the likes of Sony, and which is one of the reasons why it is regarded to be one of the main Sony competitors, in the globe, today.

The company has its existence in Shenzen in China, and it officially came into existence in the year of 1987. Today, the company has a presence in as many as 170 different countries of the world. The annual revenue of Huawei amounted to $ 136.23 billion dollars as of the year of 2020.


            Sony competitors in the world today, include Philips as well. This is a Dutch conglomerate that has an international outreach. The company was founded in 1891, in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and has its headquarters in Amsterdam today.

Some of the well-known products associated with Philips are home appliances, intellectual property, medical equipment, lighting equipment and various types of audiovisual equipment.

The electronic products made by Philips are long-lasting, and useful, and give plenty of competition to electronics of the kind that is made by Sony. The annual revenue of the company as of the year of 2020 was estimated to be 19.35 billion Euros.

            Thus, there are plenty of Sony competitors which you ought to make yourself familiar with, to understand the degree of rivalry that Sony as a business, faces in the global marketplace today.

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