“Bye-Bye Mather” – Ogilvy rebrands itself after 7 decades with new identity

A leading Ad agency that is best known for creating some iconic campaigns for some of world’s biggest brands, has rebranded and restructured itself as it looks to simplify its offerings to its clients.

The company has redesigned its logo and branding elements and will be eliminating its global sub-brands to become just one brand: The Oligvy Group

The new brand will be built on 4 key pillars –

1. New Organizational design: Different sub-brands globally will be merged into one global brand which will be represented by 12 crafts and 6 more capabilities that will be called “capabilities” which include brand strategy; advertising; customer engagement and commerce; earned influence and public relations; digital transformation and partnerships.

2. New Consulting wing: With an aim to counter and compete with consulting giants like Accenture, Deloitte, and PWC, OgilvyRED strategy division will be rebranded to Ogilvy Consulting.

3. New design system and brand identity: Along with the new positioning, comes a new logo, color scheme, website, organization design, consultancy practice, digital platform and employee video

To highlight the new proposition and new positioning, the company has come up with the before and after gif, to exemplify the new positioning of the brand.

4. Connect: A global digital platform which will be created for knowledge sharing, training of employees and bringing in together the right teams together to best serve the clients.

Visual Identity –

Reintroducing the Ogilvy red in a brighter Pantone color, the secondary palette of gray, pink, blue and yellow has been added to emphasize the company’s desire to modernize, while maintaining, its strong heritage.

All these developments symbolize Oligvy’s desire to modernize and change with the changing world while staying true to its core principles which helped them stand out in the first place.

Ogilvy Logo –

The revamped Ogilvy logo represents connectedness, agility and collaboration that the brand is uniquely capable of delivering for its clients.

Ogilvy Font and website – 

Ogilvy fonts have been customized as Ogilvy Sans and Ogilvy serif. Oglivy’s website ogilvy.com has been redesigned and showcases the breadth and depth of the agency’s of years creative work, its talent, capabilities and the thought leadership.

Organizational redesign –

“Making Brands Matter” – A new positioning carved out by Ogilvy is essentially based of the following 5 key Brand values that have been deteremined by the top management:

1. Divine Discontent – To always aim for the remarkable and never settle for the routine

2. Relentless Curiosity – To always be curious to know the “Why”, to unearth the insights that can be deployed for better being.

3. Adaptive Connection – Have a fluid team by connecting with a team that comprises of creative people coming in from different cultures and backgrounds.

4. Pervasive Creativity – Respecting good ideas and the people who have them, be it you, me, our client.

5. Eternal Craft – Be better than yesterday, be a disparate soul, curious to improve your craft and skill.


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