8 Best Data Visualization Tools for 2018 That You Should Try

Big Data analytics is not only a much-used buzzword but also one of the most important drivers in many sectors of the economy. Analyzing large amounts of data and making it understandable for the viewer is the art of the highest order. The link with social media, SEO and virtual reality can be useful. The fact that it does not always have to be bar graphs on a PowerPoint chart is demonstrated by these eight helpful tools for optimal data visualization.

Microsoft Power BI

As a big player, Microsoft also offers software that is solely intended to help with the visualization of data. Especially for users who also work with Microsoft software, the program offers, because the intuitive user interface is built like other Microsoft products. Thanks to special dashboards and the right app, you can access your data everywhere and in real time.


Tableau is one of the leading data visualization companies. The easy-to-use interface makes it possible to select data by dragging and dropping and thus gaining fast insights from large amounts of data. For the developers of the software, it is particularly important to present complex data as simple and understandable as possible. Tableau also integrates and compares data from multiple sources, such as Excel, Google Analytics, and Amazon Web Services.

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Fusion Charts

Many features make graphics with Fusion Charts interactive and customizable. For example, a customer can change the display format himself or display the information in different languages. Another interesting feature is the preset templates, which you only need to assign one data source. This saves time because you do not have to put together every graphic from the beginning. Also, 3D designs are possible with Fusion Charts.


According to their own website, about 80% of the largest companies use highcharts as a data visualization tool. The program implements charts and graphics on websites and independently detects the devices, which allows the user to access the data both mobile and stationary. The focus of highcharts lies in the possibility of cross-browser usage. This ensures that you can view browser-independent visualized data. Just as with Fusion Charts, you need a license for the commercial use of highcharts. The full version of the source code is available for download and can be edited.

Qlik Sense

Similar to Tableau with the help of Qlik Sense easy and fast graphics are created by drag and drop. Large amounts of data and information can be quickly scoured and surveyed using Smart Search. What belongs to the standard repertoire when presenting strategies or product concepts is not yet established in data analysis – storytelling. But just to keep up the tension in the analysis of large amounts of data, storytelling offers. Qlik Sense also has a solution for that. The change between story and detail analysis allows a balanced presentation. The Qlik Sense Cloud lets you share and collaborate on data.


Datawrapper boasts easy-to-use controls and the ability to create visually pleasing graphics and maps in no time at all. In only four steps you should be able to process, visualize and export the raw data. For companies with their own corporate design, the function of individual design is ideal. Fonts, colors and company logos can be adapted and converted into templates. Thanks to Responsive Design, the charts and maps can also be viewed on mobile devices and used interactively.

Google Charts

The internet giants Google also offers a product in the area of data visualization with Google Charts . In addition to the traditional design options, you can also create motion charts that are an attention-grabbing alternative to static charts. In addition to ready-made templates, many free design options are available to the user. So you can adapt the charts perfectly to the look and feel of your own website. All generated charts can be used cross-platform and cross-browser and built into Google Docs or via Javascript on their own website.


Virtual reality is already familiar with areas such as gaming or design. But also in the data visualization, this technology can be used. The three-dimensional view and interactive changes of perspective make data even more comprehensible. However, many providers are not yet available in the field of VR data visualization. Virtualitics from America is one of the first providers in this field.

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