Top 5 Voice of Customer Tools – Time to listen your customer better

Voice of customer (VOC) – In the simplest of the forms, VOC is a market research technique that is used to for capturing customers preferences, their expectations, and their dislikes. It is a term used in business and Information technology sector. VOC studies consist of both qualitative and quantitative research steps and are used to produce a detailed set of customers wants and needs, organize them into a hierarchical structure and then prioritize the findings in terms of relative importance and satisfaction with current alternatives.

We live in a world where negative online reviews can bankrupt a business. A dissatisfied customer can lead to loss of current and potential customers, loss of market share and reputation damage. With changing the competitive market and growing number of CEO’s starting companies with a customer-focused mindset, Voice of Customer (VoC) programs have become a strategic asset to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Nearly 90% of the companies are going to use customer experience to compete with one another.

Companies are leveraging the untapped potential of VOC programs and are driving following business benefits out of it.

  • Service Improvement: Give your customers that they really want, improve customer satisfaction by having access to their opinions on the products and make improvements in accordance with their expectations.
  • Brand Management: Manage and enhance your Brand image by resolving any issue before it spreads into online networks and media.
  • Product Development and Innovation: Customer feedback can be used to understand the latest trends in the markets, their pain points, the features they are looking in the products. Basis the customer feedback, one can enrich their product innovation and come up with a product that suits customers’ requirements.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Improve your marketing strategy by assessing the influence of the marketing efforts being put in through the feedback received from the existing and potential customers.

Choosing the right tools for the war

So, depending on what you want to improve and how you want use VoC data, we have created an extensive overview of VoC tools for you.

Brillio Voice of Customer:  Brillio’s Voice of Customer (VoC) solution uses the power of advanced analytics to mine information from tons of conversations across the social media and other digital mediums, and turn them into actionable business insights. The inputs are taken from structured and unstructured data, from internal as well as external sources, decodes the conversations and convert them into meaningful metrics for improved decision making.

Clarabridge : A Centralized hub capable of extracting data from various different sources like social media, chat, voice, email etc. Using its Natural language processing technology, sentiment analysis, and emotion detection, Clarabridge allows easy filtering of different types of feedback from different sources, thus enabling users to optimize their website accordingly.

In Moment :  Offering solutions like social reviews & advocacy, employee engagement solutions, and VOC platform, Inmoment uses its Experience Hub packages to provide varied different solutions for various problems and objectives. Listening to the customers feedback and extracting customer data through social media, surveys has just got easy with InMoment’s VOC platform. It combines survey data with customer data from other sources such as CRM, social and financials and supplies companies with actionable insights to be acted upon to improve the customer journey.

Foresee : Gain a complete view of the customer journey with Foresee. A multi-channel customer experience analytics software that enables users to prioritize CX investments. Gain a complete view of the customer journey and extend your analysis with a suite of apps and tools, including Text Analysis, Replay for web and mobile, Case Management, and more. From awareness to loyalty, get the 360 view of how CX is performing across the customer journey.

GetFeedback: A feedback tool that is very much focused on end user experience. Users can easily create engaging branded surveys with customizable backgrounds & fonts and can use it to get feedback/responses from their customers. Built-in reporting feature and powerful analytics enabling the user to get crystal clear insights which can, later on, help them take necessary recommended actions.



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