Lifestyle Loan – Things to buy using Lifestyle Finance

Living in 21st century, we all might have come across with a come phrase that the EMI life is a curse of modern consumerism. For us salary earners a phenomenon that we normally see on the 1st of every month is getting our salaries credited and seeing it immediately get decimated by the withdrawals automatically made by the lenders.  Advent of shopping apps like Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon have made shopping one tap easy for us. We spend and then start thinking about the is left for us to save.

And there is no end to human need when it comes to dressing up and looking good. Be it a cool pair of aviator glasses, stylish Hush Puppies loafers or rugged denim jacket, we fail to give a second thought to the expenses that we make on the items that catch our fancy. And it’s not just the small ticket items like decking up the wardrobe with stylish clothes, with due course of time we also build up a habit to go a little extra mile for things like Home Décor, Modular kitchen, New furniture.

The question remains, if your dream is to change up the ambience of your home, or have a wardrobe of expensive & stylish clothes, or build a kitchen that is portable and capable of facilitating effective usage of spaces or get a modular furniture, nothing should hold you back.

Here’s how you can do that without burning a hole in your pocket.

Lifestyle Loan: Your New Best Friend

Ever wondered getting a loan that can help you save up money, when you are purchasing any lifestyle products or services – Say hello to your new best friend “Lifestyle Loan”.

Buying anything ranging from clothes, accessories, furniture, home décor sure isn’t cheap, but a lifestyle loan is your friend in distress, helping you out in enjoying all these luxuries with a very little stress on your wallet.

Credit Card …. Debit Card …. And then comes the EMI Card

We all are aware of the credit and debit cards being offered by the banks, but there is one card which is still under the wraps and is unknown to many – “EMI Card”.

As the name states EMI – EMI card gives you the privilege to buy a range of products/services on installments or easy and NO COST EMIs.

Benefits of EMI card – 0% Interest Rate 

The major benefit/difference that EMI card provides as compared to any other credit card in market is that the installments provided by EMI card is interest free and No Cost EMI. In other words, unlike credit cards where you end up paying monthly interest of 1.25 – 1.99%, in EMI cards, customers do not pay any interest.  (Hence #NoCostEMI)

Check out the list of Products/ Services that you can go ahead and purchase using your EMI Card.

Digital Products: Be it a smartphone (“Newly Launched IPhone”) or a Next generation stylish laptop or a LED Tv with 4K surround sound, EMI card is your personal genie that can fulfill all your wishes.  Buy anything on easy and No cost EMIs.

Health Care: Saving up for a medical procedure to look younger (skin ageing treatment) or to get those lush black hairs back on your head – “Well Don’t”.  Get in to nearest clinic with your EMI card and swipe your way to sublimity.

Lifestyle Shopping or Lifestyle Loan: Shopping for a stylish furniture that can enhance the look of your living room, or a modular kitchen that can allow you to save sufficient spaces, has just got easy. These are high price ticket items and can easily be shopped thanks to the EMI Network.

Flexible choice of tenure and down payment options make this EMI card affordable for everyone. A retailer network of more than 50,000+ stores in over 250 cities all over India, EMI card makes it easy for you to shop for your favorite items at the stores near you.

It’s time to change the thinking and finally convince yourself, and others, that the option of EMI shopping is a very real and affordable one!

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