How to optimize Facebook ads for 2018

You will find tons of articles on the internet explaining you how to do Facebook promotion the right way and how to optimize Facebook ads and one general tone that all of them use is either to “Install a Facebook pixel “or “Ramp up your ad budget” .

For me personally both these advises are as superficial and generic as they can be. Most of the blogs out there fail to give a much-needed insight that is required to refine and optimize Facebook ads and promotion strategy.

Don’t worry in this blog we will not cover those generic topics and will take a deep dive into the real factors that matter and how you can optimize Facebook ads by taking some important points into consideration.

  • Finding your Niche

    If you are starting a new page and want to build followers which you can leverage in future, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is find a niche and look into topics where you think you think are appealing to people and can pull them to engage with your posts and your page.

  • Defining Goal:

    Deciding on why do you need ad promotion or what is the goal that you want to achieve can help you run ad campaigns effectively and get brilliant results. Facebook provides you different options using which you can define your goal and your facebook strategy. Your goal can be:

  • To get more facebook likes/followers
  • Lead generation
  • App Installs
  • Increasing engagement rate etc.

Your Facebook strategy, Ad type and Campaign budget – all of these depend on the goals/objectives that you have.  So make this decision WISELY!

  • Optimizing your Facebook page:

    This becomes the core of all the promotion that you will be doing that will help you run your ads run effectively and ultimately help in growing Facebook followers. Why do we run Facebook ads? – To increase our follower base, to increase engagement or to get more leads and your Facebook page is starting point of all the magic. So, make sure your Facebook page is presentable with nice content, working links, relevant details etc.

  • Choosing the right Target Audience:

    Having a right target audience is imperative. You can’t sell hair gel to a bald guy, so if you don’t have a defined target audience who you think will like your product/services, then go back to the drawing board and have a clear view of you customer demography (age, interests, behaviors, location etc). The more refined your target audience, the more likely your ad will resonate with target users.

Having a refined target audience helps in reaping 3 times higher ROI 

  • Optimizing Facebook Ads (AD type and Call to action):

    Choosing the right Ad type becomes the most important factor for optimizing your Facebook ads and your strategy. There are different ad types which you can use to engage with users.

  1. Carousel ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Boosted and Promoted posts
  4. Offer Ads
Carousel ads
Lead Ads
  • A/B Testing of Ads:

One of the best ways to optimize Facebook ads is to get A/ B testing done on the ads that you will be promoting. A/B testing is basically sending out two different versions of ads (with different creative, copy etc) to the same set of audience and analyzing their response towards the respective ads. A/B testing will help you understand as to what type of messaging, creative route, CTA etc is liked by the audience more, thus allowing you to form or modify your Facebook promotion strategy.

  • Installing a Conversion Pixel :

    This is one of the most common tip you will be getting for optimizing your Facebook strategy and ads. But it is often neglected by majority of the people.

Facebook pixel lets you track the results of the activity that you have been doing and lets you correct the course if needed.

  • Facebook Re-marketing :

Through Facebook re-marketing you can serve ads to the audience who have interacted with your brand before. These interactions might include people:

  • Who must have previously visited your website
  •  Made a purchase on your site in the past
  • Prospects or existing customer email ids.

Conclusion: Facebook promotion is a process of trial and error, something which is working today might not work tomorrow. The need of the hour is to keep a tab on the results of the activities that you will be doing and make course correction whenever and wherever required.

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