How to Write a Blog Entry – Basics of writing engaging content

How to write a blog entry

The present blogosphere is like clamoring and assorted as ever. Think of anything topic ranging from – governmental issues, food review, popular culture, or home specialties ventures – you can locate a related blog about it with a couple of decision catchphrases and a concise web seek. Beginning your very own blog can be an energizing, instructive, and possibly lucrative decision. So, here we bring to you below simple steps on not only How to write a blog entry but also to make it relevant and engaging for the target audience.

1.  Understand your Target Audience :

Before you begin to compose, have a reasonable comprehension of your intended interest group. What would they like to think about? What will impact them? This is where making your customer personas proves to be useful. Look back into about what all you know about your customer personas and their interests while picking a topic for your blog entry

2. A Topic that matters to your Readers:

Once you have decided on your target audience, your niche, it’s time to decide on the topic you will be writing on. The thumb rule is to write on a topic that can add value to the knowledge of your readers. Write about something which they will be searching for on google, something on which they want to get their doubts cleared, something they don’t know about.

Example: If your target audience is marketing enthusiasts, think of about topics that can make them aware about “How marketing is changing with time “, “ How artificial intelligence is impacting marketing “ or How they can improve their social media strategy” etc.  Having blogs on such topics will make readers curious to read them.

3. “Title” is the King – Master this art:

Write a compelling and interesting title is one of the most important rule steps on the path of learning on how to write a blog entry. Recent studies show while only 80% of readers will read headline copy, only 20% will read past through it, hence making the need to have a great title more imperative. The title acts as a teaser to your article, having a generic or boring blog title will surely make readers bounce off even before giving a glance to your blog.  Hence, get a  “ catchy “ title to grab readers attention and making them read your blogs.

4. Organizing your Content:

Writing a blog entry/post is like cooking food, no matter how good your food tastes, if your presentation is not good enough to catch the human eye, no one will taste your food. The same analogy applies to the blog that you write, until and unless the content is presented or organized in a clean and crisp manner no reader will attempt to read it.

Organize your content into sections, lists, tips etc, use section breakers, so that it becomes easy for the reader to read through without taking much effort.

5. Optimizing for SEO:

Optimizing the content is what follows once you have organized the blog content. What’s the point of having a great blog if it’s not accessible by the readers? Make your blog SEO friendly so as it becomes searchable and your readers can easily find it.  Need to follow the SEO basic rules to optimize the blog: Have good keyword ration, use target keywords in the first and last sentence of the blog, and have titles which are keyword optimized.

6. The use of Call to action:

One of the most important point to note on your journey of “How to write a blog entry” is to include Call to Action, letting your readers know what to do next. You should end your blog with something that guides to the reader to perform some action.

One of the common mistakes that bloggers do nowadays is to have a CTA that prompts the reader to buy something because most of the time this action backfires.

The general notion that we have when we hear CTA is a lead gen button. But the CTA is much more than just that and can act as a valuable resource for the ones interested in reading your blog. Use CTA to direct them to articles which are similar in nature of what they have just read.


Make sure to follow the above points that we covered on how to make a blog entry and start your journey towards writing informative content and add value to your reader’s knowledge.

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