Marketing Mix of KFC | 4Ps of Marketing Mix of KFC

  Marketing Mix of KFC 

Understanding 4Ps of Marketing Mix of KFC

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the leading fast food chains in the world. The company boasts a solid marketing mix which has remained unbeaten by its competitors. The article talks about the 4Ps of Marketing Mix of KFC and the strength of its product, price, place and promotion strategies.

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Let’s check out the Marketing Mix of KFC

PRODUCT: Product Mix of KFC

KFC, an American fast food restaurant chain specializes in fried chicken. KFC’s original product is pressure fried chicken pieces, seasoned with Sanders’ recipe of 11 herbs and spices. KFC adapts its menu internationally to suit regional tastes and there are close to 300 menu items present worldwide, Eg: In Islamic and middle eastern countries the chicken served by KFC is halal.

In India, in order to cater to vegetarian customers, KFC offers Veg Burgers and Veg Rice bowls. KFC Chicken Zinger burger is KFC’s best selling product. In American states, KFC sandwich is its best selling product.

Price: Pricing strategy of KFC

The target audience of KFC is middle and upper middle class and price their products accordingly. There are different pricing strategies that KFC uses for its products and its variants.

Optional Pricing: Optional pricing is basically used by companies to attempt to increase the amount customers spend once they start to buy. Optional ‘extras‘ increase the overall price of the product or service. In KFC’s case, customers can buy the main items present in their menu and can then opt for “extras” or “sides” like drinks or desserts which go well with the main item that they purchased. The end result is that the customer ends up paying for the main item that he/she wanted to buy and also for the add-ons. 

Bundle Pricing: KFC bundles different products together and offers it to customers at a slightly lower price. KFC provides different combo offers to its customers and also provide an option to its customer to make the combo of their own choice.


KFC uses a combination of Franchise outlet system as well as company-owned outlets. There are a total of 20,000+ outlets in 150+ countries that KFC has outlets in all the major cities.  Customers can visit these outlets and enjoy their products/Items and can also order online and get their favorite chicken delivered to their doorstep.

Online Channels: KFC provides an option to the customer to order food online through the KFC website and can also order KFC food from leading food ordering apps/websites that KFC has partnered with.

 Promotion: Promotion Mix of KFC

Promotion plays an important role in the marketing mix of KFC, the company uses a proper mix of ATL, BTL and Digital channels for creating awareness and promoting their products.

It is the strong product portfolio that makes it different from its competitors. KFC uses all media like TV, hoardings, print, online ads etc for its promotion.

KFC has a strong social presence will also allow it to interact and engage with its customers and get better insights about their products and other services.

KFC also uses their outlets to the maximum extent to promote their new offerings.

Colonel Sanders has been a prominent component of KFC advertising until his death in 1980 and still remains a key icon in all their promotions.

 "North America's Hospitality Dish",
"We fix Sunday dinner seven nights a week" , 

were some of the slogans which the company used before 1956 and then moved to The “finger-lick in’ good” slogan from 1956, which went on to become one of the best-known slogans of the 20th century.

This concludes the Marketing Mix of KFC

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