Marketing Mix of Cadbury | 4Ps of Marketing Mix of Cadbury

 Marketing Mix of Cadbury 

Understanding 4Ps of Marketing Mix of Cadbury

The article talks about the Marketing Mix of Cadbury and the impact of its Product, Price, Place and Promotional strategies on the performance of the brand.

Let’s check out the Marketing Mix of Cadbury

PRODUCT: Product Mix of Cadbury

Cadbury offers a wide range of products and has a strong depth and width of the product mix. There are different products that Cadbury offers in different countries and the decision to sell which product in what country is based on the Demographic factors, Production costs, Demand fluctuation, and competition presence.

On a broader level, the product mix of Cadbury consists of Chocolates, Candies/Gums, Biscuits, and Beverages in the product width category. And under the product width category, we have Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Gems, Temptation, Oreo, Eclairs, Bournvita etc which are the product lengths.

Cadbury enjoys has a good market share in their respective industry Eg:  Bournvita is the market leader in the milk additives and Dairy Milk holds a market share of 60-65% in the chocolate industry.

Price: Pricing strategy of Cadbury

Great quality comes with a price. There are different pricing strategies that Cadbury uses for its products.

Skimming Pricing: With skimming pricing, these prices are set very high to take advantage of some peoples desire for a new product or design at any price. Products like Oreo biscuits, Cadbury Silk, Cadbury Bournville are some products which are kept at a slightly higher level than the competitors. 

Economy Pricing: Cadbury comes out with different variants of their main products to reach out to a large audience base. Cadbury dairy milk is offered in different sizes and is priced accordingly just so as to cater to different customer segments. Even products like Perk, Five Star, and Eclairs are priced economically.

Bundle Pricing: With bundle pricing, Cadbury sells multiple products at a lower rate that consumers would get if they purchased each item individually. During festive times, Cadbury offers different chocolates/products bundled together at a discounted price.


Cadbury products of the available all over the world. Due to its robust distribution channel, Cadbury has been able to make a huge impact in the global market. The company has made sure that their products are available all over the world and the carter to a huge customer base.

The products are available both in the urban and rural areas. We find that this has helped in a way for the company. The places of distribution have made the products available to a lot of customers and the, in turn, has generated a profit for the company both in terms of customer base and the revenue. Cadbury is a worldwide name and has made its name in almost more than 200 countries. This shows the distribution channel and the places where it has made its product reach. This gives an overview of the place and distribution strategy in the marketing mix of Cadbury.

 Promotion: Promotion Mix of Cadbury

Promotion plays an important role in the marketing mix of Cadbury, the company uses a proper mix of ATL, BTL and Digital channels for creating awareness and promoting their products.

There are different advertising campaigns that Cadbury uses for promoting their products. The brand has an eye for detail and majorly uses Emotional advertising campaigns to connect with its user base and this has been the secret sauce for the Brand’s success.

Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions — and that emotional responses to ads are more influential on a person’s intent to buy than the content of an ad.

The brand also relies heavily on BTL promotion and uses Vernacular communication for promoting themselves in different states and regions. The aim to use vernacular language and regional dialects is to do beat the small regional competitiors and also to connect and engage with the audience in a much better way.

Campaigns like “Kuch Mettha Ho Jaye”  and ” You Earn It”  worked very well for the brand. Have a look at these gems from the brand.

This concludes the Marketing Mix of Cadbury

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