SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola

Changing preferences of customers to non-sugary and healthy drinks are forcing companies like Coca-cola to change their future business strategy. Check out the different internal and external factors that are supplementing these changes.

SWOT Analysis of Pepsi

Learn about the different internal and external factors that are influencing Pepsi's business strategy. Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that Pepsi has.

SWOT Analysis of Samsung

Samsung is facing fierce competition from competitors like OPPO, VIVO, and Motorola. Check out the different factors that can help Samsung in formulating their strategy to ward off this competition.

SWOT Analysis of KFC

Understand the SWOT Analysis of KFC and learn how KFC managed to see an exponential growth in such a short span of time

SWOT Analysis of McDonald's

Established in the year 1940, with over 36,900 restaurants globally, McDonald’s has grown from being just a normal fast food restaurant to being the world’s second largest restaurant chain by revenue. Check out what all factors attributed to this success.

SWOT Analysis of Patanjali

India's fastest growing FMCG company managed to clock 10,000+ revenue in just a span of 10 years.  Learn about the different internal and external factors that helped the brand to achieve this success.

SWOT Analysis of Walmart

"Everyday low price"  - A moto that Walmart lives by. Check out what led the brand to follow this strategy and outdo their competitors.

SWOT Analysis of Toyota

Check out the SWOT analysis of Toyota and understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the brand.

SWOT Analysis of Netflix

From being a DVD rental company to being a leading subscription-based streaming media service company. Check out what factors helped the brand, in pivoting its business model to stay relevant in these changing times.

SWOT Analysis of Uber

World's most valued start-up, has managed to give big brands like GM and Ford a run for their money. Learn how UBER managed to do all this is such a short span of time.