Content Marketing Channel – Know the best marketing channel for you

When we talk about the perfect marketing channel for you, it’s about having content that you can use to position yourself.

In this post, we’ll talk about high valued content for a moment and benefits of content marketing. Then it’s all about the selection, the testing, and the trendy marketing channels!

Produce high valued content

In content marketing, the ultimate goal is to add value. The contents should give the interested user useful information, experiences and instructions.

High Valued Content sells only indirectly or long term.

An interested visitor will, therefore, be prepared with content on your product or service.

Select Content marketing channel, pay attention :

The content forms the basis for driving marketing.

Generally, there are these channels:

  • Organic Search: Google, Youtube, Bing, etc.
  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Marketing measures can be differentiated as inbound marketing or outbound campaigns.

The difference is that when inbound the user becomes aware of the content by itself. Therefore, there is a completely different intention with the website visitor.

The following two points are important in the selection of the content marketing channel.

Activity of the target group :

Each content should be targeted as your target audience and the customer personas that you build. Accordingly, it is interesting where your target audience is active.

It, therefore, makes sense to distribute its content directly on these channels. Just like you have 4ps of marketing for forming strategies for promoting your product, similarly one needs to have build content promotion strategy basis the customer group that we are targetting.

So if you have a B2C (Business to Customer) product, Facebook might make sense as a strong channel for the end user.

Otherwise, for a business customer, social networking LinkedIn or advertising on relevant magazines is more worthwhile.

Read more about the importance of customer personas in building marketing strategies.

Own strengths :

The second important factor in choosing the marketing channel is your personal strengths.

Which content do you want and can you best produce?

This question is also the choice of marketing channel because the channels differ in visuality and format.

Basically, a distinction is made between video, text and audio content.

Do you like to write texts? Do you like standing in front of the camera? Do you like your calm voice?

Use your personal properties to create unique content.

Does this marketing channel work for me?

Once your content is ready and you want to distribute it, try the channels for you and your content type.

Video content works for example via Youtube, but can also be promoted via Facebook or your blog .

For a marketing channel test, it is important to evaluate the statistics.

Please note the following facts for a new channel:

  • Call numbers
  • Length of stay
  • Content conversion

Especially the last value is the deciding factor to build content with an interested audience and thus regular followers.

Trend: Trendy marketing channels for businesses

In addition to classic marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, and Youtube, there are other channels and special features.

Try the worksheet to see if these channels are right for you and your business.

Instagram Stories

Especially for the B2C business and as a visual tool, Instagram is well suited. The Instagram Story feature gives the viewer the opportunity to take the viewer close and authentically into everyday life in his company.

Instagram Story is an entertainment medium, which can also be used for product presentations.

Instagram will be particularly interesting if you use it with the right influencers and thus get large and relevant coverage.

Live content: Facebook live / YouTube live

Live content is strong in coming. In real time you are connected with your interested customers or followers and can talk about content and your products.

Live content is pushed by Facebook, for example, particularly and can be viewed as a video recording later.

The decision of Facebook, Youtube or Instagram Live depends on where your target group is.

Content Portals: Medium / LinkedIn

Content portals such as medium and LinkedIn support the exchange of knowledge. High-quality content from experts is shared, giving it greater reach.

Unlike an own website, the content lies directly with the medium or LinkedIn and is adapted to the given minimalist design.

This saves you formatting effort.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp service

Messenger service, like the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, are used to be closer to the customer.

Messages can be automated in sequences or with a chatbot plan and send.

This gives you the opportunity to contact many interested people at the same time on a digital but still personal level.


Another way to address large groups with an event is webinars. Basically, this is an advertised topic about which just under 60 minutes a lecture or a workshop is held.

The size of the groups varies, with the right software can be connected to hundreds of participants.

If you want to focus on lead generation, sooner or later webinars will not be over.

Conclusion: trying is about studying

The marketing channel that actually works for your company can only be seen after it has been tested.

The procedure is, therefore:

  • Define target group and customer personas
  • Test campaigns on a low budget
  • Evaluate campaign by campaign goal
  • Increase budget/test new channel

From time to time, a channel with different campaign elements and content can also work better.

It remains to say that finding the perfect marketing channel can take some time.

Patience is required for these measures!

How do you go about testing marketing channels?

Do you have more tips?

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