What is Content Marketing ? – Top 7 Benefits of Content Marketing

Have you heard about content marketing and content strategy? Did you know that among the most effective marketing strategy at all – Content marketing is something that can be very affordable price, and sometimes free, literally save your online business?  I wrote this article to help explain to you what really is content marketing, what are the benefits of content marketing and how can you use it to be the most effective and efficient marketing channel for your business.

What is content marketing

Let’s first briefly introduce what it is that content marketing. The basic definition says that it is the creation of high-quality, useful for readers and possibly entertainment content on the Web. In other words, content marketing means creating and sharing such content, which is useful for readers value. A useful value is meant for example that learns information that will help him solve his problem. Information that will tell you how to resolve the situation that he can not handle. The essence of content marketing, but it must be that this information, in some cases, specific and valuable know-how, the reader gets free. Here are few steps that can be followed in order to know on how to write a blog entry

What constitutes the content?

Content is a very broad term, but in the field of content marketing, it covers, for example:

  • information Articles
  • professional publications
  • manuals and tutorials
  • review
  • video
  • Images and photos
  • information graphics
  • podcasts (audio posts)
  • electronic books
  • webinars
  • Newsletter - News

With the advent of new technologies and with the increasing need to deliver high-quality content at a faster rate, check out what is artificial intelligence in marketing and how it is impacting the content creation process.

What is the purpose of content marketing?

When creating content should be related to what you sell. In other words, should teach your potential customers and convince them that you’re just the one who really understands their field. The objective of content marketing is, therefore, to engage and attract potential customers quality and compelling content and turn them into paying customers, and most haunting. People just have to trust most of what you publish and based on that you start trading.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Quality, but mostly hardy content marketing that you will do on your own site, has advantages in many ways. I wrote to you 7 key benefits of content marketing that will hopefully help you decide to start creating your website quality content.

1. Increase your site’s visibility in search engines

Every new post on your site or blog is an opportunity to rank in the search for new keywords. Each new keyword represents an opportunity to reach potential readers or even customers. The more you publish content, the greater the chance that someone will find you. And do not just focus on highly competitive keywords. You can write articles focusing on the so-called. Long tail, which is actually another huge advantage of content marketing. Long tail = less popular keywords that form a significantly larger volume of phrases that people enter into search engines.

2. You can be the first on the highly competitive keywords

Yes, it’s right. You probably know what I mean. The best keywords for your industry have a great competition and you can easily achieve the first position in the search engines.

Content marketing is but a way to achieve this great goal. Just wanted to let you consult with a specialist SEO content marketing strategy, and then just write and write and write.

3. A substantial decrease in marketing costs

If you do content marketing on their own, it will cost you only time. In terms of costs, the company is amongst the most effective and cheapest form of marketing ever. Do not think, however, that you write a few articles, and your traffic will increase significantly somehow. Rises. Be prepared that you have to be consistent, persistent, precise and above all you must not under any circumstances to copy texts from other Internet sources. Inspiration is a normal and necessary, but ctrl + c, ctrl + v rather forget.

4. Refine the reputation of your brand

When people read your articles, you also begin to remember. When you find that your publication solves their problems, give them the information they need, they will be informative and entertaining, and you begin to trust your brand – you become an authority in your field. In addition, when they see that there is a discussion in the comments below the article, or when they see that they are also published articles on social networks or other external sources, you will be perceived as a highly credible source of quality information. And after all you want.

5. Increase the chances of new demand

New demand is that what was going on. Your dream, after all, is that you finally from the website began to walk demand or not? A good content marketing is one of the tools to achieve this. It’s a lot associated with your brand reputation as the kind you have in your domain authority. Do not think, however, that people will read your article and just be on the basis of the order . It may happen, but the probability is very small. Rather, the point is that you people will have in the subconscious and in the appropriate situation when they need it, they remember, “Well wait a fact, then I read that the company can do a very nice about it wrote.” And that’s what was going on.

6. Get natural backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO. Maybe you know how hard it is to build a quality reference profile, or links. If you create content that people will enjoy and will bring them what they need, they like to show off to your friends a link to you on his own blog or social network. Or will browse the Internet discussion, which will deal with issues about which you write, and put the interviewer in response link in your article, which is clearly described a solution to their problem.

7. Increase Web domain authority

Web domain authority, English Domain Authority is an assessment developed by MOZ.  Domain Authority predicts how well your site rank in search results. This metric is calculated by combining external backlinks, quality and credibility. The higher the quality of links, and the more there are, the more authority domain gets. If you get a high authority, it can be used especially as evidence that your site is authoritative or trustworthy, and the better off you will be, for example, sell advertising space on the site. An ordinary user does not rate this metric, but for internet marketers and SEO specialists is very important and for possible cooperation is essential.

So, these were the few main benefits of content marketing that your business should be taking advantage of. Have a clearly defined content strategy and pick your content marketing channels wisely by keeping in mind the customer segment that you are targetting.


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