Understanding the Audi Market | Audi’s Marketing Mix

Understanding the Audi Market – Audi’s Marketing Mix


Marketing Mix of Audi analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the position of the Audi market. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.


PRODUCT: Product Mix of AUDI

Because of its products, Audi has a picture of a luxury brand and its products are unique. The company offers various products on the market and its automobiles evolve with the technological change.

Audi makes lovely cars with outstanding power. Audi marketing mix products are suitable for a wide variety of premium cars, i.e. sedan, SUV, sports, etc. A8 is a design and technology benchmark. It values technology as a leading brand company and targets its customers accordingly. The company invests in technological and innovative advances and designs products of exceptionally high quality.

Audi offers a range of sports cars as well. Audi has a loyal customer base because the products it has supplied over the years are popular.

Price: Pricing strategy of AUDI

Audi is seen as a luxury in the minds of its customers. Audi’s price policy is used to cash its brand image. As a competitive industry, the pricing strategy in the Audi marketing mix is based primarily on the pricing of premium car manufacturers for competition. Audi has high brand equity.

In Audi showrooms, the company offers high- quality products that enable customers to easily access the brand. Audi Finance offers an innovative financial option to help customers easily buy the products. Optional pricing strategies are used to use optional features in the cars for existing customers.For e.g. Audi Bang, sound system and navigation system are optional accessories in a car and the customer purchases these willingly but they are optional. Audi price variations also depend upon geographical locations and economic conditions of a particular country.



The location and distribution strategy of Audi’s marketing mix can be understood as follows. Audi is one of the largest brands in the world that serves its customers. Headquarters of Audi are located in Germany. The company has its production plants in 9 locations worldwide. They target also the untouched market for potential customers.

As a consequence, Audi invested in India and continues to grow in the Asian market which is the main Audi Market. Audi has built and maintained its presence through an exclusive dealer network and after-sales service centers. Audi uses a channel between producer and distributor, between wholesaler and dealer. Audi uses advanced technology in its production houses as they are driven to attain customer satisfaction with a vision to become the most successful premium brand globally.


 Promotion: Promotion Mix of AUDI

Audi’s logo is the key to its promotion. The four overlapping rings of Audi automatically create a brand image in the mind of the customer. Audi is actively involved in the sponsorship of many sporting enterprises. Audi also invites celebrities to support the product, in addition to TV, print media and internet marketing.

In India, for example, the famous film stars launched the Audi RS7 Sports Cup. Audi carefully selects its marketing opportunities to reflect its image. Because of its premium brand image, Audi does not believe in the mass market. Audi nurtures its brand image by sending the message that Audi is driven by high profile people. This concludes the analyzes of the Audi marketing mix and the positioning of the Audi Market.


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