Future of email marketing | Top email marketing trends in 2018

With every passing year, digital strategies are getting evolved and businesses are adapting to those digital strategies which are suiting their business requirements. But, one question that still persists is how much has email marketing has evolved in these years and as of today how relevant to businesses. So, in this blog let’s answer the basic question as to why email marketing is important even in the year 2018 and what are the Top email marketing trends in 2018.

Importance of Email Marketing:

More than 34% people in this world are using email and its predicted to increase to 40% in next two years. About 196 billion emails are sent daily and out of those 196 billion emails, 109 billion emails are business emails.

Emails are a powerful and very personal way of reaching out to your target audience and connecting with them.  Personalization is one main feature that an email enjoys over any other digital medium for promotion.

Still thinking why email marketing is important for your business. Check out below points to get a clearer picture

  • An economic and cost-effective medium of promotion:
  • Personal and customizable
  • Action Oriented
  • Easy to measure the performance
  • Higher engagement with mobile users

The future of email marketing is intricate, substantial and not to be missed. So, we have listed down some Top email marketing trends in 2018 which can redefine the way we look to email marketing as a medium of promotion.

1. Interactive content

It is said that 2018 is going to be the year which will see the highest production and consumption of high-quality content. Businesses will pay high emphasis on producing content which is relevant to customers and easily understandable. And understanding this trend businesses will try and engage with their customers through interactive and engaging emailer content.

2018 will see a lot of businesses experiment with the type of emails being sent out the target audience. Say bye to the plain and boring text mailers that you used to receive. Marketers are in full swing to add interactive content direct in the mailers through:

  1. Gifs mailers
  2. Mailers with HTML5 video players
  3. Image hover and rollover functionality
  4. Mailers with Search Bars
  5. Add to cart functionality
    2. Casual copy:

    The tone of communication is also going to see a tectonic shift in the year 2018. Mailers will no longer have a formal way of communicating with the customers. The tone of communication will be more conversational and casual, along with casual communication tone, the use of emoji’s in the mailer copy is also seeing a steep rise with an increase of 775% between 2015 and 2016

    3. Automation:

    In an era where companies are trying to automate everything, how can emails be left behind? There will be a rise in email marketing automation in 2018. Email automation will allow you to save from manual work of compiling the emails from scratch every time.

    Automation will allow you to fix an email template with defined blank spaces for the mailer headline, sub-headline, image, Body copy and CTA. You will just need to fill in blank spaces in the mailer and voila, you will have a brand new fresh emailer ready to be sent out to the customers.

    Email automation will allow you to have your own library of images, mailer body copies, headings and subheadings, using which you would be able to able to create mailers in seconds.

    4. Artificial intelligence:

    Artificial intelligence is what follows automation. Artificial intelligence will bring in the much-required personalization that emails will provide in 2018. Thanks to big data, most of the businesses will have a proper idea of their customer segmentation, allowing them to match customers with the most appropriate content for their business goals.

    Businesses will be able to map the customers along with the type of images, content that they like and will be able to send out relevant communications to them.

    5. Omnichannel:

    2018, is going to be a year of omnichannel experience. Marketers/businesses will stitch different marketing activities and customer experience together in one and email is the glue that will hold all these things together.

    Let’s see how will this omnichannel process look like in future.

    Somebody buys something in store? They get a subsequent email with their receipt.

    Somebody calls client administration to ask around a request? They get a study to guarantee that the experience was a positive one.

    Somebody retweets one of your articles? They get an email with a connection to a downloadable white paper on a related subject.


Although the Top email marketing trends in 2018 won’t stray too a long way from what things look like today, you’ll see there’s a developing dependence on automation, content personalization and Artificial intelligence. Keeping in mind the end goal to better serve your group of onlookers, you’ll have to furnish them with content that is significant, pertinent, and customized — and these five email marketing trends will empower you.

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